Turn your self-awareness into tangible Life change

Here’s the Thing

Do you feel you are living a tick-box life, where externally you look like you have it all sorted and everyone thinks you’re happy, but in reality you feel stuck living someone else’s life?

Do you feel full of self-doubt and anxiety at the thought of making any changes?

Do you find yourself putting other people’s needs and happiness before your own?


You’ve done all the right things. You’ve tried out meditation and yoga, been on a retreat and have a self-care routine in place. You’ve become increasingly aware of your limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns. But although you understand yourself much more deeply, your behaviour doesn’t seem to shift and nothing tangible has changed. You still feel stuck living a life you don’t love.

It somehow feels deeply unsafe to change, and so you stay in your comfort zone. You know that if you don’t take the risk to change, you’ll stay stagnant. You’re propelled to want something different but it’s scary so you can’t seem to take any action.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if

– You could believe that change is possible, and feel confident in yourself to make that change.

– You could feel hopeful about your future.

– You could feel able to put in boundaries with others.

– You could feel able to step outside what you feel is expected of you.

– You could start to see tangible, positive changes in your thoughts and behaviours.

We all have the capacity to shift our thoughts and behaviours, and therefore change our lives.

About me

Hi, I’m Ruth and I support people to take the step from deepening self-awareness into making real life changes.

I’ve learnt through my own experiences that it is possible to get unstuck. I spent years in a cycle of burn-out and recovery until I was able to prioritise my own needs and start creating a life I want to be living. I tried all sorts of interventions, and gained lots of self-understanding but ultimately I had to get out of my head, and start listening to my body’s messages before I could really feel confident in my ability to manage my thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey.


What People Say About Me

“Ruth worked with me to really uncover the challenges I was facing. I was able to make connections between the problem at hand and other areas of life where I hadn’t been able to before. I came away with a real understanding of how and why I was feeling the way I was and felt confident about what I was going to do next to overcome these.”


Client – Supply Compass

““I found my coaching journey with Ruth to be immensely valuable. In just a few weeks I found myself taking ownership and tangible action on some very deep feelings that I had spent a lifetime trying to process myself. Ruth enabled me to explore what was happening in my life, where I wanted to make changes and how to make those changes. I would highly recommend Ruth as a coach.”



“Before I had coaching with Ruth I couldn’t think about the future. There was no joy, no flow or fire. I feel like a completely different person since the sessions. There’s a fire in my belly now. There’s more joy in life. I feel more authentic – I can be myself.”



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