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Is this you?


You feel stuck living a life you don’t love, and you’re unsure how to change it.

You feel you are going through the motions day to day, and externally nothing looks wrong, but you long to feel more alive.

You put other people’s happiness before your own and conform to what is expected of you.

You feel you are heading towards burnout. At times, you struggle to sleep and feel constantly tired.

You’re thinking ‘I wish I knew what would make me feel better’.

You feel anxious and full of self-doubt about yourself and your ability to change.

You want to find a way to live more meaningfully, or with more purpose.

You’ve tried a lot of things already to address these issues. Yet nothing has quite seemed to help you cope in the moment, or helped you shift things over time.

You understand yourself much better due to all the self-reflection work you’ve done, but you can’t seem to change your behaviour and that makes you feel frustrated.


How would it feel to:


Believe change is possible and that you can handle it.

Feel hopeful about your future.

Feel safe enough to make the changes.

Know you don’t need to do any more self-care type courses or routines that you can’t stick to. You already have your own answers.

Have a map of the next few steps, and a longer term understanding of your direction.

You may not have all the answers, but you have a pathway and you’re not stuck any more.

Feel and experience freedom.

How I help

I support people to get unstuck by identifying and understanding their own limiting belief patterns, emotions, and conditioned behaviours (deepening self-awareness), to find more balance between mind and body, and learn to be more present (live life consciously), and create a life that feels more aligned.

I bring together years of Social Work experience with a range of cognitive and embodied coaching techniques in a trauma-informed way of working with clients (i.e. that feels safe).

Personal insights and belief shifts can happen quickly but changing behaviours takes practice! As well as talking and identifying things logically in our minds, I use embodied coaching methods to help try out different things in tangible ways. For example, how we hold our body impacts how we think and feel. Noticing our embodied patterns and literally changing our shape is a great way of shifting to a different emotional state. Over time, short term state changes can develop into long lasting traits.

I look forward to supporting you!

“Ruth helped me to go deeper and somehow confirm some of the insights I had and to open up new ways of understanding and working on the issue.”

Client – Blue Ventures

“Today we unearthed subconscious behaviour patterns that have been affecting my choices since I was a child. Hopefully now that they are visible to me I’ll be more free to act differently.”

Client – Feedback Global

“ Gave me a really good understanding of where I am truly struggling as well as guiding me to come up with my own plan to help! An incredibly valuable session.”

Client – Pact Coffee


coaching Package

 6 sessions

To work deeply on identifying and making changes over two to three months.

This package is for you if you’re committed to exploring how to shift from feeling stuck to taking action in creating a life you love.

You may have tried a lot of things previously, and gained lots of self-understanding but your behaviour did not shift.

Sessions held on a weekly or fortnightly basis, and may involve practices or reflection in between.



Power Hour Session

1 session

If you’ve never had coaching and want to try it out, this is a good place to start.

Or if you’ve just got one thing you want to deep dive into.

Or you want to explore before committing to a longer package.

Or if you’ve worked with me previously and want a top up or check in.

This is a focused and powerful session.



How to get started

Book a Consultation Call

First, we have a free, no obligation call to see if I can help.


We talk

We talk for 30 minutes and then explore if I can help you.

First session

If we are a good fit, we arrange a regular slot for us to meet virtually and for me to listen.

“I wanted to make a change, and after trying different options, coaching seemed like a good idea. I wasn’t disappointed. It helped me really think about my life and the direction I was heading. I’ve now set goals to help me achieve what I want in life. The whole experience has been wonderful and eye opening.”


“Ruth really listened to what I had to say and I felt she was really exploring every option with me on how to manage the situation I’m in and move forward. I left with some valuable tools and achievable actions

Client – The Modern House

“My session with Ruth was incredibly helpful, and thought provoking. She asked the right questions, the difficult questions which opened up doors of opportunities that I hadn’t previously considered. I would totally recommend this service to anyone feeling a little stuck, or in need of some support.”


It can feel unsafe to change, to step out of your conditioned patterns of behaviour and voice your opinions or desires, or even just express yourself naturally without worrying what other people think of you.

But by staying in this conditioned comfort zone, you are actually never safe. You will go on repeating the same behaviours and get the same results, and never get to feel truly yourself, living the life you choose to live.

Working at the edge of your comfort zone, in order to widen it, takes courage.

Developing deeper self-awareness opens up more choices – you see your patterns and can look at different options and then try them out.

It is helpful to be supported in this journey by someone who can help you safely discover what lies on the outskirts of your current safe zone, hold you accountable and remind you to be kind to yourself.

Questions & Answers

What is coaching, and how is it different to therapy?

Coaching provides a non-judgmental, open, collaborative and confidential space between coach and client, focusing on the client’s own thoughts, challenges, outcomes and goals.

I’m trained in transformational coaching and embodiment coaching, which are both powerful ways of exploring our personal beliefs and values and how these are shaping our experience of life, and our behaviours.

Coaching enables a journey of self-exploration which can give us greater self-awareness, and examine and reshape many areas of life.

There are similarities with therapeutic interventions, but coaching tends to focus on the present and future whereas in therapy you will look back at past experiences in more depth. Therapy has a more specific focus on mental health.

I'd love to work with you but I can't afford it at the moment. Are there any other options?

I’m able to offer occasional discounts on a discretionary basis. Contact me via email ( or book a consultation call to discuss this with me.

I'm unsure if this is the right thing for me. How can I decide?

Book a consultation call and talk to me. It’s not in either of our best interests to proceed if it’s not the right fit for you. I’m happy to support you to make a decision either way.

What change can I expect?

This will completely vary depending on you! In coaching we work towards outcomes that we decide at the start of the process, and review throughout the ongoing sessions.

At the very least, you’ll develop a much deeper understanding of yourself and develop tools to support you make and sustain the changes you’ve originally identified. I’ve worked with some clients who have made major, tangible, life changes such as leaving jobs and pursuing new directions, and others who prefer to focus on deeper self-awareness, becoming kinder to themselves and learning to manage and shift difficult emotions. In my experience, both the tangible and intangible changes are very interlinked.

What happens if I commit to a coaching package but can't use all the sessions?

That’s fine. If, for any reason, you can’t continue with the work, please talk to me. Full details about early endings are dealt with in the coaching contract.

do you offer appointments during evening and weekend hours?

I currently offer appointments during the working week, with some limited availability for early morning or early evening slots. This is something we discuss during our consultation call.