Hello I'm Ruth

I support people to shift from living a tick box life to creating a life they find more meaningful..


I’m a Transformational Life Coach, supporting people to get unstuck by understanding their own limiting belief patterns, emotions, and conditioned behaviours (deepening self-awareness), finding more balance between mind and body, and learning to be more present (live life consciously), to create a life that feels more aligned.


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Who i work with

People who feel disappointed by the reality of their current life. Externally, they look like they have everything sorted, but they feel they are going through the motions and living the life expected of them.

People who feel they are heading towards physical and emotional burn out but feel anxious and full of doubt about themselves and how to make changes.

People who have tried to find the right self-care routine or ‘done the work’ on themselves, and feel much deeper self-awareness, without yet shifting their behaviour.

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About Me

I struggled with socially anxiety from an early age. My high levels of self-doubt and low levels of confidence stopped me from pursuing a lot of opportunities and kept me stuck in a cycle of trying to keep everyone happy. A few years ago, I had reached a point in my life where I no longer knew what to do. I was experiencing high levels of debilitating fatigue, coupled with anxiety and periods of low mood and motivation, fuelled by a strong critical inner voice. I was deeply disconnected from myself, always looking to others for confirmation of my worth. I felt weighed down and heavy.

I have since found ways to manage my emotional and physical health and make different choices. It hasn’t happened overnight but building a much deeper self-awareness has allowed me more choice, and I’m much clearer on who I am and what I want to do in the world.

It breaks my heart to see people struggling. It is possible to change. These are all conditioned ways of living, and can with practice and patience be unconditioned, and recreated into a more desirable way of living.

I’ve supported many clients to change their lives. Client outcomes include: Quitting jobs to study, going for a promotion they never thought they’d get, understanding deeply that they are not flawed and difficult things were not their fault.

As a coach, I trained with Animas Centre for Coaching (UK), Embodiment Unlimited (UK), and the Ananta Foundation (India).

I am a member of EMCC and abide by the Global Code of Ethics. I’m accredited as a Practitioner (EIA) with EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council).

I’m a fully qualified and registered Social Worker with over twenty years of experience working with families for the local authority and at Great Ormond Street Hospital, Action for Children, Family Action and the NSPCC.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Professional Qualifications


Accredited Diploma in Transformative Coaching


Certificate of Embodiment Coaching


MA in Social Work – Middlesex University

“Ruth was incredibly astute and attentive. I feel it’s difficult to be heard in this world and Ruth really got to the heart of complex matters in a way that I felt I could grow from and be the best version of myself.”


Client – Minor Figures

“Ruth is fantastic. I feel like she knows my brain better than me! I feel enlightened after our sessions and motivated.”


Client – Blue Ventures

 “Ruth is so approachable, non-judgmental, and relatable. The sessions with her were really thought-provoking, and motivated me to think about, and action some changes I need to make.” 


Client – Friends of the Earth

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Past clients include

I have delivered coaching at a corporate level to numerous companies including Mastered Studios Ltd, Hydrocotton, Minor Figures, Feedback Global, Supply Compass, Pact Coffee, Blue Ventures, Friends of the Earth, Neu Studio, Mags Creative, YuLife, Mettle, The Modern House and More Happi.